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COMSOL is a global provider of modelling and simulation software used by engineers and scientists in all fields of engineering, manufacturing and scientific research to simulate designs, devices and processes. Its COMSOL Multiphysics® platform product features a consistent user experience across engineering applications. The simulation platform brings fully coupled multiphysics and single-physics modelling capabilities, model management and user-friendly tools for building and maintaining custom simulation apps. The apps can further be compiled into standalone apps via COMSOL Compiler™. Add-on modules provide specialised functionality for electromagnetics, structural mechanics, acoustics, fluid flow, heat transfer and chemical engineering.

Driving the Electric Revolution Industrialisation Centre (DER-IC)

The DER-IC network provides open access to expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing, test and validation equipment in Power Electronics, Machines and Drives.

It engages in collaborative research and development projects (CR&D) funded through UKRI, Innovate UK, regional initiatives and other funding schemes:

The DER-IC network:

  • offers access to equipment and capability through direct contract
  • provides SME advice and regional support programmes
  • hosts an online portal enabling partners to highlight PEMD capability, and link with the national DER-IC network and industry to promote business-to-business collaboration.


ETPS specialise in programmable power supplies and test systems. Our wide selection of products caters for almost any power, voltage or current requirement. Specific ranges include programmable AC & DC sources, battery/capacitor emulators, chargers, four quadrant grid simulators, electronic loads, battery/capacitor cyclers and drive cycle test equipment.

At the conference we will be showcasing our G5-RSS bidirectional DC power systems. With two current ranges for high accuracy, the G5-RSS is ideal for cycling energy storage devices. The module’s ultra-fast dynamics with switchable capacitance allows accurate simulation of batteries and capacitors. A current step between 90% sourcing to 90% sinking can be as quick as 50us, enabling high speed drives to be supplied. Modules start at 9kW and can be arranged in series, parallel or matrix configurations. Outputs up to 3000V/89kA are possible into the megawatt range. Outputs with +/- voltage around a central earth are possible, ideal for aerospace research.


Accelerate your product innovation with HBK solutions in virtual, physical and in-process testing. From the electrification of mobility to the advancement of smart manufacturing, we support you throughout the entire product life cycle, sharing your mission for a cleaner, healthier, and more productive world.


Imperix develops high-end control equipment and prototyping hardware for power electronics, drives, smart grids, and related topics. Its products are designed to enable cutting-edge innovation in corporate and academic environments. They are especially valued for their ability to accelerate the implementation of laboratory-scale power converters and facilitate the derivation of high-quality experimental results.

The company also offers various levels of integration services, intended to assist its customers in their prototyping activities. As such, its offering ranges from the delivery of plug-and-play hardware and software, to that of fully customised systems involving specialised control software algorithms.



We design, manufacture, and supply high-power resistors for critical applications. This includes resistors for earthing, motor control, harmonic filtering, and load testing. Our products meet stringent international standards for quality and seismic resilience. We offer both standard and custom solutions to OEMs, EPCs, and distributors globally. Our resistors ensure electrical safety and optimal performance in diverse industries, from preventing downtime in factories and data centres to protecting equipment and filtering power grids. They are essential for electrical safety and reliable power. 


The MTC are supporting a broad range of sectors and customer types, from SME's through to large-scale organisations and OEM's, in the quest to achieve Net-Zero.

As the largest RTO with a focus on Net-Zero, battery technology and electrification in the UK, the MTC offers a holistic approach where cutting-edge technology and know-how comes together under one roof. The MTC provides the expertise to support customers with the challenges of industrialisation and scale-up.


Real-time simulation is enabling the world’s visionaries to make innovative ideas a reality.  OPAL-RT empowers engineers and researchers with accessible, cutting-edge, real-time simulation technology to accelerate the development of better products and more reliable energy transmission.

Since 1997, industries including automotive, aerospace, power electronics and power generation have increasingly turned to OPAL-RT, transforming the company into a world leader in real-time simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing equipment for electrical, electro-mechanical and power electronics systems.

Teledyne LeCroy

Teledyne LeCroy is a leading provider of oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers and related test and measurement solutions that enable companies across a wide range of industries to design and test electronic devices of all types.

Since our founding in 1964, we have focused on creating products that improve productivity by helping engineers resolve design issues faster and more effectively. Oscilloscopes are tools used by designers and engineers to measure and analyze complex electronic signals in order to develop high-performance systems and to validate electronic designs in order to improve time to market.

Protocol analyzers are tools used by designers and engineers to generate and monitor traffic over high speed serial data interfaces, including DDR, PCI Express, Fibre Channel, Serial ATA, SAS, USB and others. Both products are critical in the development of a wide variety of demanding design applications.


Pioneers in test driveline development, Torquemeters is a long-established company, specialising in the design and manufacture of high-performance power transmission and measurement systems, which are used by many of the world’s leading aerospace & industrial turbomachinery companies and independent R&D organisations.

Over the past 70 years, Torquemeters has been a leading proponent of high-performance driveline design and manufacture for some of the most demanding developmental testing applications, particularly for turbine, compressor, and engine testing within the aerospace industry. Responsible for the innovation of the first phase-shift torquemeters, Torquemeters today supplies a number of the key performance-critical components that enable complex drivelines to manage thermal expansion, misalignment, thrust compensation and over-torque/over-speed protection for a high temperature, high-speed test article development. This product suite includes high-speed/high-power torquemeters, inline thrust balance systems, spindles, flywheels and freewheel clutches, in addition to a range of low mass overhang discpack & diaphragm couplings.

The company offers a standard range of Torquetronic™ ET phase shift torquemeters rated from 0.1Nm to 120kNm with 0.1% FS accuracy, and speeds of up to 130,000 rpm, which are typically supplied with Tordisc™ high speed couplings to connect the driving and driven machines. Torquemeters facility for the static calibration of shafts, within a 300-3500Nm range, to a high degree of accuracy for incorporation into torque measurement devices is accredited by UKAS and certified to ISO/IEC 17025: 2017.

With a strong pedigree as a supplier of bespoke test rigs, Torquemeters has designed and built e-motor test rigs for a number of applications within the aerospace, automotive and industrial sectors.  Recent projects include turnkey regenerative systems for e-propulsion, fan and generator testing in support of low-carbon development programmes with typical system ratings ranging from a 40kW 120,000rpm turbocharger test rig to a 2MW 30,000rpm e-motor test stand.”

Typhoon HIL

Back in 2008, the founders of Typhoon HIL—leaders in engineering, IT, and physics—came together to solve a pressing problem: to reimagine a better way for companies to test products and components that would save them time and money and accelerate their development processes. This led us to create the world’s first real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) platform for power electronics.

More than a decade later, Typhoon HIL is proud to be the technology and market leader in ultra-high fidelity Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) solutions for design, testing, verifying and validation of power electronics, microgrids, e-Mobility, and distribution control and protection systems.

We partner closely with our customers, providing personalized approaches to address their biggest validation and testing challenges—helping them achieve optimum safety and performance in the most efficient way. As our company grows, we remain committed to maintaining the exceptional service and tailored approach that companies have come to count on.