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Keynote speakers

Dr Omar Jasim

Consulting Engineer – VSC control, GE Vernova

Samir Kouro

Associate Professor, Universidad Técnica Federico SantaMaria

Wensheng Song

Professor with the School of Electrical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University

Jean-Luc Schanen

Head of PE Group, G2ELab

Peter Wilson

Deputy Director of Academics, Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology

Jose Rodriguez Perez

Professor in Power Electronics and Director of Centre for Energy Transition, Universidad San Sebastian, Chile


Dr Zhengyang Feng

Research Engineer, Toshiba

Erin Revie

Development Engineer, Control Techniques

Nika Piekut

Power Electronics Engineer, Control Techniques

Nigel Jakeman

Engineering and Business Director, Turbo Power Systems

Ghanshyam Shrestha

R&D Technology Manager, IEC LV Motors Division, ABB

Derrick Holliday

Director - Northeast, DER-IC

Jon King

Director - Midlands, DER-IC

Nick Baker

Professor in Emerging Electrical Machines, Newcastle University, UK

Nigel Schofield

Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Huddersfield, UK

Marco Biasion

R&D Scientist in Electromagnetics, ABB Corporate Research, Sweden

Dragica Kostic-Perovic

Chief Engineer and Technical Manager of Global E-Systems Teams, Ricardo, UK

Mickey Crozier

Chief Engineer (Component Manufacturing Technologies), Manufacturing Technology Centre, UK

Pearl Agyakwa

Anne McLaren Fellow, University of Nottingham, UK

Hadi Moztarzadeh

Head of Technology Trends, APC, UK

Annette Muetze

Head of Electric Drives and Machines, Institute bei Technische Universität Graz, Austria

Krzysztof Paciura

Power Electronics & Electrical Machines Leader, Accelera by Cummins, UK

John Boston

Managing Director, Custom Interconnect Ltd, UK

Theodor Heath

Lecturer - Power & Energy, University of Manchester, UK

Daisy Deng

NUAcT Fellow in Electrical Power, Newcastle University, UK

Charlie Johnson

Senior Applications Engineer, COMSOL, UK

Mahmoud Masoud

University Teacher, University of Sheffield, UK

Panos Lazari

University Teacher, University of Sheffield, UK

Panagiotis Panagiotou

Lecturer, University of Sheffield, UK

John Dobson

Chairman, Matrix TSL, UK

Tony Smith

Laboratory Manager at C-ALPS, Coventry University, UK

Sahithi Siva

Subject Lead - Engineering Higher Education, Pearson Education, UK

John Reeve

Director, FluxSys Ltd, UK

Richard Lane

Electric Revolution Skills Hub Product Development Director, Coventry University, UK

Juliette Soulard

Associate Professor – Electrical Machines, University of Warwick, UK

Christopher Woodgate

Research Fellow, University of Warwick, UK

Andrew Hine

Founder and Commercial Director, Greenspur, UK

Matthew Swallow

Technical Product Manager – Magnetic Assemblies, Bunting Magnetics Europe, UK