Collaboration workshops

Industry challenges for academics’

If you are from industry and are facing a particular challenge in this session academics will brainstorm solutions to the problem.  If any of the ideas sound promising you now know exactly which delegate you can collaborate with to implement the solution.

In order to ensure companies can securely submit challenges without competitors learning about them to their advantage we’ll be using a submission system with Chatham House Rules - unless specifically opted out of all submissions will be completely anonymous and read our in the session by neutral chairs.

Academic opportunities for commercialisation

If you are an academic and have an idea you think is ripe for commercialisation but you’re worried you’ll get bogged down in paperwork, this is the session for you.

With all of the tight deadlines around roadmaps nowadays there is a strong need for speed, but most conversations are held up for months revolving around IP rights and paperwork.   This session we’ll talk through ideas and discuss ways they can be rapidly commercialised. 

The session will be preceded by a talk on ways to navigate quicksand around IP licencing and risk adverse paperwork.  

Submit to a workshop

If you would like to submit to either workshop, please do so, it’s completely anonymous and will only take a couple of minutes.